"This is a great learning book! My boys love all the crazy tractor pictures and my 4 year old was counting up to 50 in a day thanks to this fun book!"

C ZERR, AMAZON.COM, 6/7/2018

"Fifty photos of different makes, sizes and types of tractors, each one in some difficulty -- many of them stuck in mud, but some that suffered a mechanical breakdown, or broke through a bridge, or got caught in a flood, or the operator obviously steered wrong and hit something ... the goals of this book are to teach counting from one to fifty with both numerals and written number words, and to teach safety on the farm and in life. These pictures could generate dozens of safety conversations. Well done!!"


"My nephew loved it so much! Made it to Switzerland before Christmas!! Very fast shipping. Very satisfied! Thanks so much! :)"

JESSICA, ETSY.COM, 1/15/2019

"I bought two copies as gifts for friends who have young sons. In both cases, I was texted a picture of said child (and said child’s older brothers and father) utterly engrossed in the book within 20 minutes. While it is unlikely to win a Pulitzer, I feel the word ‘masterpiece’ is applicable."

EMMA, ETSY.COM, 1/8/2019

"My boys loved these books! Illustration was colorful and intriguing. Live in a farming community so very fun for kids to be able to recognize machines. Would purchase again!"


"My son, who is 2.5 absolutely loves this book! We read it several times a day, and he loves picking out all the animals. Great story and great illustration, we love it!"


"Those books are amazing for little children".

MADELINE S., MLARSONBOOKSSASK Review on Facebook 4/9/2020

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