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The Barnyard Boys are at home on the farm, and they have a new pet, Petunia the pig! Petunia loves to escape from her pen and visit their strawberry patch. One spring morning, Owen, Finn and Dez go to feed Petunia, and she is missing from her pen! The three brothers visit all the animals on the farm to search for Petunia. Along the way, they find new baby animals everywhere. Will they find Petunia too?!

32 pages ISBN 9781778095627

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"The Alphabet, Construction Troubles: A to Z Upper and Lower Case Letters" uses real-life photos of “construction troubles” to teach children upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and construction terminology.
30 pages, ISBN 9781775321835

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In "The Day I Lost My Bear in Cypress Hills", a family adventure at the cabin engages young readers in life at Cypress Hills Provincial Park, noting the attractions and wildlife that may be encountered. The loss of Finn’s bear creates a crisis at day’s end but is happily resolved. Includes a search page at the end for children to search for animals native to Cypress Hills throughout the book.  

32 pages, ISBN 9781775321859

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"Count Them! 50 Tractor Troubles" uses hilarious, “real” tractor photos to help children learn to count and spell their numbers from 1 to 50. This book also demonstrates how important safety is on and off the farm. 

30 pages, ISBN 9781775321804


Have you ever discovered a dinosaur bone? Three brothers, Owen, Finn and Dez really want to find a dinosaur bone. After searching everywhere, Finn finally finds a fossil! Is it a Tyrannosaurus rex, a hadrosaur or is it something just as old? Let's find out!

30 pages ISBN 9781999268305

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In “The Colours in Tractor Troubles: A Search and Find Colours Book”, children will be able to search for, find and identify 26 different colours throughout this book of unpredictable tractor troubles. 
30 pages, ISBN 9781999268329

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