Melanie is a Mom of 3 children and farm wife in rural Saskatchewan. As well as creating children's books, Melanie works as an Environmental Consultant. Her 1st book is called "Count Them! 50 Tractor Troubles". She created it to help her children learn to count and spell to 50 while learning farm safety. Her second book, The Day I Lost My Bear in Cypress Hills, is the first in a series called "Adventures of the Barnyard Boys". It follows 3 boys, Owen, Finn and Dez as they find fun, adventure and more in Cypress Hills! Her 3rd book is called "The Alphabet Construction Troubles: Upper and Lower Case Letters". Her newest book "The Colours in Construction Troubles: A Search and Find Colours Book" helps children identify 26 different colours using "unique" tractor photos.


Melanie's books encourage education, adventure, safety and humour. Melanie and her family stay busy with farming, raising Kunekune pigs, sports and adventures in Cypress Hills Provincial Park.